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Day 2,,yeahhh



Its now day 2 and feeling good still although tired. I tossed and turned all night. Im assuming its the patches, im on the 24hr ones so if it continues was wondering if i should remove them at bed time.

All good so far, my family cant quite beleive it and the fact that i am happy.

Im keeping my fingers crossed that today is as good as yesterday.

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Morning :)

May be a good idea, if you can, to grab naps when you can. Being the weekend may help with that.

I too started on the full strength patches but dropped down to after a few days. Being drip fed nicotine through 24 hrs was to much for me. I never got up and smoked in the night and didn't want a first smoke till being awake at least an hour. The next step down (16hr ones I think) did help with less tossing and turning.

However, sleep can be disrupted in the early stages of a quit regardless of quit method.

If you've not read about sleep adjustment already, then check the link below.

All the best for a positive 2nd day to you :)

Thanks Pol, i'll have a look at it.

HI JJ well done for getting to day 2, it is a real achievment, im on about day23and cant beleive how fast the time has flown, i too am using patches and had a few problems sleeping but i think its a small price to pay to quit, my lungs are now feeling much better am breathing deeper and feel generally pleased and more relaxed. keep it up its well worth it just to be free of it.


Thanks Mash and Well done to you on reaching day 23.

Todays been quite good, had a few cravings that have quickly passed. On a couple of occasions iv actually reached out for a packet of cigs only to tell myself off and remind myself that i dont smoke. Its weird and im finding i have much more time now. I know iv only done 2 days but i can feel a difference with my breathing, its like my nose has cleared.

Oh and iv collected my exercise bike and had quick go on it.

So bring on day 3!!! Lol

Well done Jingle Jo,

The moment when you reach for a fag out of habit & realise they are not there is strange it has to be said. That split second of confusion when you realise you don't actually smoke anymore. It didn't last long for me. Had a moment of Humph then just got on with whatever I was doing, didn't happen often. Each time you get past that (hopefully not too often) just makes your quit stronger.

Heres to another smoke free day for you :D

Gaynor x

Thanks gaynor

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