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Herbal Cigarettes

Has anybody tried using the herbal cigarettes to help calm the cravings?

i brought a pack and smoked one, it was disgusting! :p

but now every time i think about smoking i associate it with the horrible taste of the herbal one and then feel like i'm glad i dont smoke...

also the smell of second hand smoke makes me feel a little sick, i'm currently feeling very positive about these thoughts hopefully they will keep up and i can remain smoke free :D:D

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Hmmm... I never considered it, because for me it was about disassociating myself with smoking, full stop. I think if I'd carried on using something like that it would have been a slippery slope back to the real thing. But whatever works for you!


Personally I wouldn't of found them helpful as you need to break the association with smoking. However, it would appear that you have had a back handed help by discovering how foul they taste (I tried them when I smoked but they are vile) thus showing you just how vile smoking is altogether.

Keep that thought in your head for if and when you crave and remember how disgusting it was.


sounds delightful:eek:


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