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An old thread it may help

This was the first ever post I put on this forum and if you read through it you will see what it was like for me and others in the early stages. I suppose at the time although I felt very determind I think in the back of my mind was always that slight dought.

You guys are at the same stage I was 3 weeks plus when I joined this forum and as I said I wished it was 6 months or a year down the line so I didn't feel like I did anymore. Well here I am at quit 16 months down the line and I can assure you all that feeling has long gone.

You can all do it and I want to congratulate everyone on this forum for what they have a achieved and the ones who keep trying and as yet have not achieved.

You need this forum and will power to get there so keep with both.


This also tells the story of how I stopped, I hope this can give you hope:

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Thankyou jack ,

I love reading all your posts, and it helps to keep my quit strong .

there have been some good days this week but more hard ones and times i have nearly thrown it all in.

So please keep posting as you do help alot....

ali x


Thank you Jack - it really does help to see you all then and now.Definitely something to aim for! :cool:



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