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Numero Tre!

Hi all. I have almost made it through day 3! I've had quite a few cravings but I am managing ok. I expect cravings anyway. I'm also having one of those weeks where it seems people are testing my patience every day. I've still ranted (as I would of done whether I smoked or not) but not felt the need to ruin my health in aid of it.

I noticed my sense of smell so much more today. You know how good fresh toast smells? Isn't it even more awesome once you've quit?! Oh and I cannot wait until everyone is cutting their lawns. It's raining a lot here at the mo but I'll be out gulping the freshly cut grass smell as soon as the sun comes out!

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Yaay Peaky!

That's fantastic, well done you!

I have to say I'm still amazed by smells - not all of them good! As a quit friend of mine said 'the world is a surprisingly pungent place'!

I lay on the grass yesterday (when it was still beautiful weather!) and it smelt gorgeous, however today my 2 very wet dogs leapt on me, not quite so fragrant! :eek:

However... keep on quitting you're half way to a week already!!


Oh and I thought I would also mention...

I was supposed to be going out on a big drinking session with my friends on Sunday. It is a special occasion for us (amateur theatre awards) and only happens once a year. I have weighed up the pros and cons and realised that I really should stay away. For starters it's mother's day and I think I'd be in big trouble if she wasn't number one priority, also, I'm not sure I can cope with being out with other smokers AND drinking alcohol right now. I don't drink much at all anyway, maybe a glass a month, but when I do get drunk (ok...that's just 2 glasses lol) I used to smoke more.

So there you have it. I'm listening to my own anxieties and taking notes from people on here who struggle a bit when having a drink.


Haha thanks Dale!

I know what you mean about the bad smells. Incidently, I walked through our waiting room today and got a whiff of some stale smokers smell. I burst into the office and said 'Please tell me I never smelled as bad as whatever is rotting in that waiting room', they all burst out laughing but didn't say no! ARGH!


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