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New to this forum - I'm on day 11

Hi everyone. Hope you're all ok. I had my last ciggy on the 19th March and am now on day 11.

I started smoking when I was 13 :eek: and gave up for about 2 years in 2001, but stupidly started again. I gave up for about 6 months last year, but continued to be a "social smoker" - smoking when i had a drink.... which just made me drink more, so I could smoke, so I eventually started up again!

I've seemed to find excuses to start smoking in the past, because I really enjoyed it!

I'm sick now. 32 years old and getting married in a couple of months. I really want to be smoke free for my wedding. I think there's nothing worse than seeing a bride smoking! lol, plus we want to have a family after the wedding, so will be giving up anyway. Seems like a good idea to get fit and healthy for that!!

As I said, I'm on day 11 of cold turkey, and I'm actually feeling pretty good. I'm not looking forward to going out drinking, as this is always when i've fallen off the wagon in the past.

It doesn't help that 90% of my friends smoke, so it's going to be really resisting temptation!

Can anyone give any tips??

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Hi Sammykins

Welcome to the forum, and really well done on getting to day11 CT - brilliant stuff!

My only advice is to avoid the friends for a bit. It took me a month before I dared go near friends, drink and smoking all at the same time (tricky when you own a pub like I do!!). It was a real buzz when I got through the first evening and I felt soooo virtuous when they all trooped outside for a fag and I sat there smelling lovely!

If you can't wait a month why not try and pick a day when it's bucketing down so you aren't so tempted to go outside? If you're in the UK you won't have to wait long!!

Best of luck and let us know how you get on.


Hello Sammykins

Well done so far with your quit and welcome to the forum, you will find lots friends, help and advice here. I have found it so helpful that I can safely say that I wouldn't be this far in with my quit without this forum.

The only advice I can give, is keep going, read all the threads on the forum, because whenever you come across something and are not sure how to handle it, you can bet that someone on here will have been there before to gather advice from. Also keep remembering your reason to quit, healthier, happy, smell better etc, because when the bad times come you can get strength from those reminders.

Also, good luck with the drink thing, I posted a thread a while ago about my first night out without the cigs, it took me a while to go and get the courage to think I can do this. I was really pleased when I got through it, though I had a terrible hangover the day after he he!!!

Good luck, keep posting



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