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Good days are great


Hi everyone many thanks for all support on my really bad days .

i am all confused to where i should be on my quit day wise. a month ago i stopped smoking and couple weeks in had a relapse (whole day) ,then jumped back into my quit. so ive come into week 3 as this is where i feel i should be.and really, what does it matter ,i have stopped and never want to start again.:D

Had a brilliant few days , wish they were all this easy, but i know what tomorrow could be like so will rant on here when im having a bad time.been with and around smokers most of the time and finding it easier now to cope with. have been really emotional , anger,tears,just horrible to be around lol.but i think the family are just ignoring me now which is good .. a bit like p.m.t

I have been on the forum just reading and find it helps to read the posts from all the oldies, that have been quit ages lol. as i so want to feel how they all do . (free) i keep trying to imagine how i am going to feel when that day comes to finally know i will never want to smoke again.

hope everyone else is staying strong

ali xx

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