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For the millionth time!

Just discovered this forum and as I struggle for time for clinics etc I'm going to use this as my home, it seems a very good idea to use the day hy day sections of the forum.

Like a lot of people I started smoking in my teens, (I'm now 38) and although I've never been a heavy smoker I've constantly battled with the addiction.

4 years ago I got myself a mountain bike and managed to give up for 2 and a half years, and although I still ride ( and I'm quite fit nowadays) I'm still a slave to the fags.

Anyway, I'm on day 2 and feeling ok, gonna step up the amount of exercise I do away from riding, can't afford to keep paying the ludicrous prices (10 royals are over 3 quid a pack now!)

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I'm off to read the rest of the forum.

All the best


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All the best Ian x



Best wishes with your quit Ian.

Great to see you have kept up the fitness regime and now the weathers picking up getting out on a bike will be great. Never been able to ride one personally, think I have a problem with balance for some reason.

The forum is a good place to be so hope you enjoy it :)

HAHAHA could that be the SUnday tipple?!!!:D :D

Ian: Best of luck and welcome to the forum. Please don;t be put off by the some of the other rubbish going on tonight! Every so often there seems to be a flare up, but generally we all help and support each other. So... let us know how you get on!


Cheers all, day 3 and doing ok, munching on raw carrot and looking forward to a ride after work on the bikes!


Cheers all, day 3 and doing ok, munching on raw carrot and looking forward to a ride after work on the bikes!

Munching on a carrot?????? Now Ian, we need to have words. If you want to be a fully paid up member of this forum you need to eat anything and everything in sight - anything and everything that isn't healthy! Tsk tsk.

How can you join in all the moaning about how much weight we've all put on if you haven't!!! Now I know you're a bloke, so won't be so tempted by all things chocolate but please....!

Seriously, very well done on the quit. I'm back to running since I gave up and am just getting new inners for my bike. Used to do about 10 - 15 miles a day, not done anything in a while but as soon as the new tubes are on I'll race you!


Haha! To be fair my metabolism is lightning quick so I can eat pretty much what I like and it doesn't touch the sides (one thing my wife is insanely jealous of!)

Putting on weight through giving up smoking is one thing I'll never be able to do as much as I'd like to!

I'll take you up in the race as well as long as

A: its on mountain bikes and

B: its over Cannock Chase on the trails I know inside out :)

Dont do road bikes I'm afraid!


a. Agreed - me neither on the road bikes

b. Hmmmm neutral territory maybe? My area is has more hills but I haven't done forests!

I hate you by the way. I'm married to a man like you. No amount of food sticks to him. LIFE IS SO UNFAIR!!!:mad:


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