No Smoking Day
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So - I am on my last day of week 3. AMAZING! Can't quite believe it - and neither can my husband!!!:rolleyes:

Some days have been easy. Yesterday was one of them. Some days have been difficult. No rhyme or reason to the good or bad. Some days I wake up and the craving is there. Other days there is no craving at all. Weird.

So, this no smoking journey continues. It's not easy but in some ways it's quite exciting - in a perverse sort of way!!!

Will stay on here till I've done my first month then might try NOT coming on here at every opportunity I get!!! And just try and be a 'normal' non smoking person!

Thankyou to everyone on here - especially the March quitters. There is no way I could have got this far without cracking up without this forum. You are all magnificent. You are all the best unpaid councillers I have ever known!! Keep up the good work. Good luck with your quits.:D

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Ummm, sorry Juliee, you havent seen my bill, yet...its in the mail :eek:


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