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Diary of a quitter - Day 30

First, the good news. I haven't smoked. Wanted to very much yesterday though. After a few days of feeling like the worst was over, the craves came back, and it's a war of attrition all over again.

Not had a chance to update for a few days. It's all been a bit hectic at home. Mrs H still needs a lot of looking after, and my boy has been laid low with the dreaded lerg.

Also, had to spend time doing the new tiles in the bathroom, something I foolishly boasted I could do about nine hundred and eighty three years ago. Dr Smirnoff and his patented thought and sobriety remover have a lot to answer for.

After getting about six months grace, I ran out of well-crafted excuses as to why I couldn't do it at that particular moment, and Mrs. H started giving me that look.

I'm sure you all know the look of which I speak.

It's the one with the slightly raised left eyebrow, always accompanied by 15 seconds of deafening silence.

Thinking on it, I'm filled with quiet admiration that women have evolved to the point where they can say absolutely nothing, whilst conveying the implicit message that the time has come for Mister to make good on his promise, or wake up the next morning to see his wife sporting a shiny new testicle-shaped pair of earrings.

I'm eating everything in sight as well, much more of this and I'm going to have to start exercising. I've decided to start my own online cookery class. Am going to use you guys as guinea-pigs if you don't mind. Stay tuned for further info on that.

Onwards and upwards.

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Yay Hodges - tomorrow will be a full calendar month whichever way you look at it :D

You are an extraordinary human being - looking after wife and kiddie, tiling the bathroom, quitting smoking AND keeping good humour. I love all your posts. You seem rather busy but should you get a spare moment maybe think about becoming a writer (if you're not already), you have a wonderful turn of phrase.:)


NO, No No Hodges. No cookery classes please, have some compassion for your fellow quitters.

We'll support you through drunken wardrobe bashing, dubious tiling effects, using the cat as a domestic implement and all other hilarious and sometimes heroic events in your life.

But, and I maybe wrong here, I suspect your culinary and DIY skills are on a par. SO I'm not sure my constitution would survive the experience!

Well done on the continued not smoking!

PS Us girls are born with the 'look' and we hone it at our mothers knee. My mother has evolved so far she only has to breathe at me down the phone and I know I'm in the poo.


Well done Hodges, hope everyone is feeling a little better today.:)


My husband did some tiling and all those little plastic tag thingies are still in the wall six months later, along with a wooden spoon that he wedged in between window frame and wall to hold it all together. You two should get together.

Hope you're all feeling better. Craving wise I had a proper rough time around day 30 but it does continue to get better, so take heart.

H x


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