No Smoking Day
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86 days and I need to smoke. No idea what the trigger has been. Work has been busy but not unusually busy. Bit tight on finances, but its end of month, nothing new there.

Sitting here at home trying to think of things to do. I darent go for a beer with my mates as that could lead to more temptation. I can not really go for a run as my dodgy leg is playing up, TV is just pants.

Maybe I should just carry on eating :-)

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Carry on eating, carry on ranting and posting, just carry on - 86 days is phenomenal to me!! You know you would be so mad/sad if you did cave now. Think how pleased you'll be waking up tomorrow if you carry on and dont smoke

Think of the reasons you stopped in the first place

Think of how jealous i am if it helps any:D

Hope it eases up soon - good luck:)


read some tales from the quit, clean the house, sip some water, watch a good old video or your favourite book you've read a thousand times before, eat eat and then eat till you can't even stand, turn the phone off, read over your old posts, go hide under the duvet, watch some stand-up on you tube, put off all problems till tomorrow, post to your hearts delight, allow yourself to feel shit if you want to cos its your god given right dammit and no reason at all to smoke, tomorrow is another day


thanks all,

had a long shower, nice big bacon sandwich and i am feeling ok. Night cap then early night i reckon, new day tomorrow

take care all


Even as a vegetarian a bacon sandwich still makes me go mmmmmmmm

lol same as that karri, even when i was vegan :)

well done knight, feeling proud of youself i hope :)



feeling a lot better this morning.

Fry Up, few chores then an afternoon of football with a couple of beers. Amazing what a difference a good nights kip makes.

Just shows the craving episodes is just like another mood we go through.

all good

thanks for all your posts



So glad you've got past it - sorry I wasn't around to give the support yesterday! If it's any consolation there seems to be something going around; a lot of people some way into the quit are suddenly wavering and a few lapsing. I'm convinced it's the arrival of spring. A whole new season, a whole new set of associations for those of us who gave up during the winter. The better weather reminds you of 'happier' smoking times, too. BUT THESE ARE A MYTH! Don't forget that, whatever you do.

Stay strong.

Helen x


im so happy to see you made it through!! well done, really be proud of yourself, it can get

rough sometimes but we always learn from it and become prouder and happy w/ ourselves..enjoy your weekend!!


Me too..i thought this would get easier not harder, i think of a smoke a lot lately.

Wont have one though but sick of the longing.



Well done Knight you have done really well with your quit. You dont need a fag just think about how disgusting and harmful they are. Find yourself a new hobby theres loads of things you could do. E.g. Cardmaking, Jewellery making, Reading, gardening. Anyway good luck .


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