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got up this morning feeling so good that I have not smoked for almost 3 weeks. Got dressed and out to our local outdoor market (I live in Spain), bought my fruit and veg for the week, then went to meet my friends at a local bar. Had a coffee (no thoughts of smoking in my head whatsover), then out of the blue I was searching my handbag for cigarettes, found a lighter, but no cigs, and thought "damn I have left my fags at home" better get some out of the cig machine in the bar, even went as far as getting the correct change out of my purse, got to the cig machine and only then did I remember I no longer smoked. Where that came from I have no idea, just shows what a subconcious mind can do. Happily I made it home without buying any cigs. Has anyone else ever forgot they had given up smoking? or am I finally losing my mind???

smoked 30 a day for 30 years

quit 4th March 2011

cold turkey

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Its funny as that supposedly one of the ONLY benifits to smoking is its a preventative measure to Alzheimers..

but that happens to me is I forget that I dont smoke too and when I remember, I dont smoke, I kind of get bummed out, but should be happy.

Lol, seems to happen just out of the blue. :D

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