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Into week 3 I go !!

Hi everyone, Ive not been on here for about a week or so, but I guess thats a good thing, as it means that I have been finding the quit quite easy. (with the help of the inhalator) Im now on day 15 and feeling good. Ive heard that week 3 can be a tough one, but after I got through day 3 which was awful, I know I can get through week 3 no trouble :rolleyes: (fingers crossed). Well Im staying positive and I know I can do it.. Im off to day 1 posts now, to give some words of encouragement to the newbies :D:D

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Week 3 for me too. Good days and bad. Not getting complacent tho' 'cos been her before - several times. Want this to be my final quit! :)


You are doing great, keep going :D


Starting week 3 myself today - can't believe I've made it this far - have had some real dodgy moments. Keep believing.. one day at a time...:)


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