No Smoking Day
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Day 17.48 (Per Quitnow app)

Cigarettes not smoked:349.80

Money Saved £90.07

time saved: 1d 10h 54m

the days are getting better, only big burden which is more annoying and not sure if I can explain it, but it feels like I am missing something.....and feels kind of heavy too not sure if this makes sence or not...but this feeling is horrible and only smoking a cig. can cure it. but I will persevere and hopefully this is a phase.

Just say NO. :D

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Blimey Forndog - look at that - a whole day would have been spent smoking!!! You're doing really well. That app is cool! I've just got charts and jars of money everywhere!!!! :D

keep it up guys. WE are doing fab!


Well done Forndog, that feeling does lift and reappears now and then but is much more short lived! :D


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