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week five

hi all, well here I am on week five, been to the smoking cessation tonight, I don,t have to go back for two weeks. I asked if I could go on the lowest patches, so the nurse has given me one week of fifteen and one week of 10 so see how I go. I have been on the fifteen strengh for the last three weeks so I really want to go down to the ten and get off them as soon as possible.

But I will follow what she adviced.

Karri I am so pleased you are doing well, I don,t know about anyone else but I can't afford to smoke, and it is getting worse another 50 pence on a pack of twenty I for one can find better ways of spending my money.

Anyway well done everyone, by the way loved the pics of your new doggies Dale. Joan xxxx

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I am soooooooooo pleased for you Joanie.

You keep on going you hear :p

I agree about not being able to afford to smoke. I can't thats for sure & this budget will certainly push a lot of people into quitting. I have always found that quitting because you have to because of cost alone is a non starter. Just makes me cross, grumpy & quite awfull. You have to do it for the right reasons!

I keep squeezing another pack out of my non existant money & making excuses day by day not to quit. What a twit I am :rolleyes:

I am so proud of you :D

Gaynor xx


Hi Gaynor, you will do it when you are ready, it is bloody hard don't think I will ever think of myself as a none smoker I think it is always there, I just choose not to smoke now. I think at the moment thats the way I am doing it one day at a time, and just hoping and praying this is a forever quit.

And who knows mybe one fine day I will think of myself as a none smoker.

Fingers crossed eh. Joan xxxxxxxxxxxxx


One day at a time is cool Joanie. We can't change the past. We don't know what will happen tomorrow. We can & should only live in the here & now meaning today. So today you won't smoke, tomorrow is another day as they say & I have no doubt you will choose to do the same.

Sometimes I think I should listen to my own advice lol. xxx


Yippeeeeee. Well done Joanie, fab 5 weeks, brill!

Thanks for the comment on the pooches!

Keep going girl!



Well done Joanie, you are doing great!:D


Can't afford it!

I am not alone! Several cannot justify the expenditure on a tube of tobacco, wrapped in paper and costing 35p each! That is more than some newspapers!

Two GOOD things have happened - cannot keep whinging all the time, can we? Saw the doctor this morning (X-ray results - joints) Err.... joints as in knees etc, not fags! He said "Oh by the way, congratulations. This is the first time I can ever remember you not smelling like a pub ashtray"! He IS a bit blunt at times! The second was similar. Son (43) arrived for 20 minutes. Well, he does live over 300 miles away! "Well done dad, this is the first time I have been unable to smell fag smoke in your home - ever". Gives you a bit of heart, doesn't it?

Day 31: So far, so good, but it ain't easy.


day 30 my 5th week

Hi to all sounds like everyone is doing well. Before i registered on here i used to browse and found it helped what a great site. So i registered and so pleased i did. Everyone makes you feel welcome and we are all in the same boat although all at different stages. But so interesting to see how people have coped. Well im on my 5th week now and doing ok. I dont seem to get cravings in the morning now because i make myself busy and that is how i cope . I like reading and thats another story . My hub smokes but is very supportive and puffs outdoors he says hes not ready to give up yet and im not going to ask him to because you have to want to. Jacqui


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