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cigarette price gone up lol


hey everyone

I went to my cornershop yesterday and was very suprised at the price increase.

last time i bought ciggies it was £5.33 for 20 mayfair and the calculation bellow is besed on that price and 10 weeks later I was shoked to see it increased to £5.83 !!

It is about the right time to stop smoking and can't believe how much money we used to spend on that smelly habbit .

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The cost of stinking!

Gov'ts are increasing the prices of fags world wide I should think. Most countries are a bit (or a lot!-Portugal) skint and it has always been easy money for them to hit the smoker, drinker and driver every year. I remember when Joe Public was up in arms at an increase of one or two pence. You have to remember there were 240 pence - 12 to a shilling - 20 shillings in the the old pound, not 100 like today. so tuppence (old money) was less than 1p today! Talking of 'then' - my first packet of cigarettes - Senior Service (untipped, of course) cost One shilling and Ten pence from a vending machine on a railway station. One and ten-pence is....... about 9p! Four GALLONS of petrol for a Pound....I think I'll stop - too many crying out there. :D

austinlegro11 Years Smoke Free

I think it's awful that smokers are penalised the way they are :mad:

Easy targets..

Drinkers, smokers, drivers.

Frankly I'm not sure I could afford to smoke again even if I wanted to.

It'd be like taking a £3.5k pay cut.. :(

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