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day 10

managed to get to day 10! really pleased with myself but the last two nights i have almost given in and bought cigs, not having cravings as such just thoughts that 1 wont hurt etc, but once i wake up in the morning im fine, even managed to get through the old firm cup final on sunday!!! was in work this morning and a workmate who i used to spend my smoke breaks with came in from 1 and he stunk!! i cant believe i used to walk about smelling like that they should bottle it and use it as a stop smoking aid. also what i have found helpfull is stop smoking apps for my smartphone, i have it set on my screen and it displays a ticker with time spent not smoking and money saved, gives me a wee boost of confidence to see how far i have come so i would recommend them to anyone whos phone can run android apps.

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I have used the same app as you and yes it is a great tool.

Im up to day 137 smoke free saving a massive £788!!

Another tool I found brilliant is the snake like thing you get in the NHS stop smoking pack. Fantastic when you just need to do somthing with your hands.

Keep up the good work. You can do it :)


congrats on 10 days!! be proud of yourself:D i know what you mean about how these smokers STINK!!!! i used to smell like that:eek::eek:

today the man i sit next to smelt like he had just clipped a cig and put it in his pocket for later or something cuz it was horrible!! worse then ever!! it lingerd for what seemed like forever!! i felt like i was gonna run to the bathroom....ewwwww!! so happy we are smelling sweet now, arent you?


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