No Smoking Day
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2nd day!

Yes, im here in day 2 - yesterday was a breeze, even though it turned out to be another very stressful day, i just stuck to my guns, it would have been stressful with or without the fags.

The sun is shining , and its a beautiful day (and ive got to do housework and wait in for deliveries :( ) aint that typical.

hope everyone here has a lovely wednesday - and keeps strong :)


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oh.... lula yooooooo hoooooooo


Well done Daizy - yipppeeeee!

Love your positive attitude too, made me realise what a gorgeous day it is too!!:)


Brilliant daizy on your day 2 ....your doing good! & sound so positive :cool:


euuugh .. turned into a rough day after a great start , now i have a splitting headache :(,late to do dinner, oh grrrrrrrr...bumpy road


Well done on your 2nd day.

We all go down that bumpy road many times its just getting to the end in 1 piece that matters and you can do it :)

Good luck with day 3.


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