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Day 6


well day 5 was not too bad, and now day 6 almost 1 whole week without a cig, wow. I am chewing gum and drinking loads of water, seems to be helping, had one or two cravings this morning, but they passed, just tried to concentrate on something else and they do go away.:)

last cig smoked Friday 4 March 2011 at 10.35 pm

smoked 30 a day for 30 years

cold turkey

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Stay strong. It gets easier. Well done for making it thus far.


Well done, hours to do and you're on a whole week! Bet you didn't think you'd get this far - cheering and clapping in background!

Well done Jeanie,craving will ease soon.


Well done, almost at the 1 week mark :D

Well done Jeannie, nearly a whole week done and dusted. Time to plan how to give yourself a big one week quit TREAT!!!

Keep at it, you're doing fab xx

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