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Made it to Month 3!!!!


Hello all,

Today I have completed 2 whole months smoke free and 1 month without any nicotine. So here I am in Month 3 :)

Its getting easier on the whole but can never aford to let my gaurd down as I have gone this long before and failed. A tough test was yesterday, we had our daugher christened and hired a pub out for an afternoon do with a big smoking balconey and I was there all afternoon. Was very hard but managed not to smoke. A while ago I thought it would be nice to have a cigar when she got christened but since Ive gone this long I thought I would not take the risk of using nicotine again, so I didnt.

Keep it up everyone!

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Congratulations Dave! Both on the no smoking and on the Christening (that I'm sure took a fair amount of will power)

Fabulous all those months. So well done. :)

Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Well done Dave. That must have been hard but you but you made it through.

As for smoking a cigar to celebrate your daughters christening I am bet she is chuffed you didn't, who wants to be cuddled by a daddy that stinks of cigars.

Stay strong now, you are doing excellent


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