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Quit date set

Hi all my quit date is 10 march:)

Was thinking quiting sooner but my junkie mind just not let I shall just stick to my quit date and look forward to it.

Does anyone want to make a march group for all the march quitters?

I would make one but already own 4 groups:eek:

Im such a serial quitter but im not giving up the fight. I will find the right quit!

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Hey Ace

Good to see you back again!! This will be the last social group you will need to start.

March is a good month to quit, and there will be loads of quitters in Ace's gang what with no smoking day being just around the corner!!

Good luck mate


Hows your first day been kari?:D hope this is the quit for you

Thanks john your right this time ill do it!

Anyone got any good Ideas for a group name for the march group?


Anyone got any good Ideas for a group name for the march group?

March Hares?


Good luck with your quit. I hope this is the one for you


Nice to see you back :). Good luck in your quit x


Same date i quit..... good choice :)


Hello hun. :)

Good to see you back again, I'll be there cheering you on from the very start. xx


Good to see you back Ace. You know the drill, hoping this quit sticks.



All the best ace,

Never Give Up Giving Up !. stay strong and keep reading and get your

mind set right. everything will fall into place again. we can beat this nico demon.... good luck

ali xx:D


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