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No Smoking Day
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6 weeks

Hi everyone

it is my first post in here, it has been 6 weeks for me and I am really confused.

I am feeling constantly light headed, depressed and tired all the time. I am sleeping too much as well and still waking up tired. Not too sure if it is normal or if I should go and see my doc as the fighting in my head is constant between "if I have a cigarette now everything will go back to normal" and between "I want to see this thing through"...

don't know how long I can last but I am really getting tired and would like to know if any of you are experiencing the same thing after this long?

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Hi, Welcome

Feeling out of sorts and having sleep disruptions can happen to quite a few folk ... not all, but some and at differing times.

I experienced some of what your going through during my second month of being quit, feelings and sleep started to balance out towards end of 2nd month.

Check the link below and also read posts from the same time in quit and of those ahead. Get to understand what is happening and to be prepared for the journey ahead.

Also read the links in member's signatures.

Stay strong and keep looking forward .... it'll improve, honestly :)


All the best,



Honestly just stick with it. It does get better.

It's 8 weeks for me today and i've just got through how you are feeling. I still get the odd day when I feel really tired but then I got those before I gave up. You've done the hard part by getting to 6 weeks. Stay with it and you will see the benefits!!!





When l quit, l had that funny/lightheaded feeling for quite a while. It almost felt like flue. I was also constantly tired, and didn't feel well at all. BUT, l DO remember seeming to spend most of my day, on this Forum. In fact, if it hadn't been for this Forum, l doubt that l would have stuck with it. 'Cos, by the time you have read posts or posted yourself, you have forgotton that you feel grotty and want a cigarette.

Whatever you do, do NOT cave in - you will start to feel better soon, and every day that passes fagless, is another day when YOU have beaten the EVIL WEED:eek::eek::eek:

Josie XXX


Cold Turkey?

Hi remorse,

I have only just notice that you are going Cold Turkey. Your symptoms may subside a bit if you use patches/gum/tablets/other. I used Champix, and l still did have withdrawal symptoms, but from what l can remember, by 6 weeks they had started to lessen.

Josie XXX


Hey, Remorse,

I totally sympathise with you. Both myself & my OH did it Cold Turkey...he's suffered really badly with the cough & feeling very rough, I've suffered the psychological side...the depression really knocked me for six, a real surprise & the sleep thing was awful. I'm reaching week 7 now & it's just starting to level out a bit. I can see the positive side as opposed to 'Why the hell did I give up just to feel so damn ill?' & although I don't feel like running a marathon, my chest IS getting better & the cravings are actually lessening at last. Stick with it...you CAN do this!



I think a lot of people have gone through what you're going through, to varying degrees. My advice would be just stick it out for a couple more weeks, and you should start to see an improvement.

However, if you don't, go and see your GP, because it may be that what you are experiencing isn't related to the quit - you could be anaemic, for example. Or just plain old depressed! In which case your doctor can help.

However hideous you feel, don't cave, because you will emerge at the end of this in a place that is so much better than where you started. The tough journey is worth it.



many thanks everyone for the support. to be honest the only thing that is keeping me going is that I know if I cave in I will have to give up again and will go through the same thing. It has to be done I'm afraid, and the sooner the better!!


I totally agree, Remorse...just wish it could be sooner than later!!! Healing process, get a shift on!!! :D


Well done on going 6 weeks, your doing really well!


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