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Nicorette Inhalator

just to let u all know i am off the patches and on the Nicorette Inhalator now

find it brilliant hardly have to use it maybe 4 times a day just 1 or 2 puffs i am still on cartridge number 1 and this is the third day

i thought i missed the hit at the back of the throat feeling wen i quit and the Inhalator gives u that same hit, but u know now i can get that feeling i realise i didnt really miss it and it wasnt that great and not as brilliant as i recalled.

i feel real confident with this method and i feel my intake of nicotine is minimal if i am on day three on my first cartrige and i feel good mentally [she says while rocking back and fourth lol]

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alot of peope recommended it but at the start i had set my mind on patches and so stuck to that through the first weeks i didnt want to come off them as i felt it was like my security blanket, as the weeks went on i felt mentally stronger and had been taking my patches off at night [whoo hoo brave me lol] then last saturday i had put a patch on and felt unbeleivably ill i felt so so sick dizzy etc and thought maybe it was a reaction to the patch so took it off and gradually felt better i didnt put a patch on after that incase it was a reaction so bought some gum as back up but didnt use any as i heard it tasted gross

so wen i went to smoking clinic on tuesday they suggested the Nicorette Inhalator and some 5 mg patches if i get desparate

i havent looked back it is by far the best method i use it through the morning about four ish times couple of puffs and by 2 in the afternoon i dont need it anymore and barely think about smoking at all

whether it is a combination of feeling good at the moment or if its the inhalater making it easy i dont know but i am going with the flow of feeling good


still on my first cartridge thats five days wow


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