No Smoking Day
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Finding this is getting harder

Sorry about the moans guys but i am really fed up. Why do i find this harder than the first few weeks????

I feel bored and stressed all the time,am also covered in spots..not little ones either big boils all over my face, i never suffered with spots until now.

My skin is also very itchy each day getting worse. I certainly wont start smoking again though because there is no way am i starting this from the beginning again...NO WAY. Sorry for shouting just then but thats what am like these poor partner only as to look my way and am like WHAT!!

Again sorry for the rant but....HEELLLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!


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This is no help to you but i feel exactly what you are feeling,its not a nice place to be i wished i could help .

you need to stick at it like i am, i bet your not even that desperate for a ciggie its just the boredom thats the killer i think exercise is the key but what do i know .

hope things get better :)



Thanks for the advice Karri and to nicquitin your right it is the sat here with glass of wine and thinking what shall i do, cant do exercise as ive been doing loads since quit and feel knackered. Thanks though guys i will get though am sure.xx


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