No Smoking Day
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Well...just having a bath, it's my 'me' time while my OH takes the boys to their Kickboxing class so I spoil myself with a pampering session ending with a glass of wine & a good book & soak in the bath. I've had a crappy few days of being really snappy & picky...mood swings equivalent to PMS (& NO, it's definitely NOT that, lol!)crap sleeping patterns etc when, all of a sudden, I thought 'OMG....I HAVE TAKEN MY LIFE BACK...IT'S MINE AGAIN!' No more planning everything round the next fag...goodbye to nicotine/tar induced coughing, sore chest, crap skin etc...& while it's not going to be plain sailing...suddenly, it's there...that light at the end of the tunnel. I'm not ashamed to say I cried but I got it...I really got it...the sudden buzz from the realisation that I was taking control. GET IN THERE!!!! :D

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Yeah, it was quite amazing...I know there'll be lots of times when the cravings will be back'll be ok now...I know that now.


Really pleased for you. It's a wonderful turning point, isn't it :cool:

The first days/weeks/months are an uphill struggle at times, but the evening out does come.

Bad days become fewer and soon smoking will be something you once did, a distant memory ..... not something you still would like to do, but won't :)

Treat yourself to some Moulton Browne bath bubbles and really indulge your 'you' time. I'd also personally recommend a larger glass of wine too ;)

The bathroom is my sanctuary and was abused and enjoyed so much in my early quit time as an escape from craves .... and from murdering the family.

All the best with your continued freedom from smoking :)