No Smoking Day
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Day 4 update

Think brain has gone wonky somewhere - trying to get it back on track.. issues are...

1. Work issues and toothache made me think - cant handle this and not dealt with this by saying "yes but smoking wont make it better" - but brain doesnt seem to care - just want to not have to handle the "thoughts" about not smoking on top of everything else

2.Frustrated that others seem to feel happy each day they make it, and i have in the past too but this time i'm not feeling "yay i'm on day 4/ only 1 hour off day 5 well done you" etc. just plodding on cos i know that smoking = bad.

Dont really have a plan other than "get through next minute, repeat" and hope that happiness dawns when i least expect it.

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(((Hug))) We all have bad days, you are obviously thinking clearly though so should be very proud of yourself.

You are 100% right smoking won't make any of it better. Toothache is awful (it is something I have huge fears of).

Keep going as you are, one minute at a time and I am sure happier times will come your way :)


:( that you are having a crummy day.

Lula, I think we all plod on cos smoking= bad. I did not feel elation in first few weeks, just gosh darned amazed that I was still at it. I am now proud and don't want to fail so stubborness (& food) keeps me going.

Remember, brain= addled by smoke; brain needs the smoke to clear to think clearly.




Aaah I;m so sorry. Toothache is just about the worst. But if you end up having to go to the dentist just think, you won't be worrying about smelly cigarett-breath.

I know I have good and bad days, and the bad days are awful, But I smoked for years, so I suppose it's going to take a while to get the hang of not smoking.

Virtual hug


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