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Start of week 2

Hi all, well I have made it though week 1 at 3-45 today and if may say I have done good. I have been to the smoking cessation group tonight and my co was down to 2 the nurse said that was a none smoker result so feel quite good about that. I was amazed while waiting to see the nurse there was about six other people in the waiting room, and I was the only person not on champix.So now I am going to meet week two head on.

Love for now Joan xxx

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Well done Joanie, fantastic result!


Thank you both Karri and Divingdale, i have to do this, I am no spring chic now , have smoked about 40 of my 60 years, I have always looked after my skin and watched what I eat, and to say I have smoked for so long I have been quite lucky, but I don,t want to push my luck.

So I am of a age that I can advice you young things, quit now, save the money you would have wasted on the cigs, spend it on the things you want and need, and don,t let it all go up in a puff of smoke.

Your worth more than that. Love Joan xxx


No spring chic here either Joanie, but I love anyone who implies I might be!

Keep letting us know how you're doing, it really helps me to hear about how others are doing.


Well done Joan :D


No spring chic here either; am stopping for your reasons Joanie and I wish you very well with your quit.:)


Woop woop joanie! One week. That's fab. :D


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