No Smoking Day
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I dont want to die young.

I had a chest infection about 6 months ago now and I was put in hospital for a week I couldn't even think about fags.There was an old bloke in the bed next to me and he didnt die or anything but her was trying to breath and I could hear all the gurgling and stuff he was making and I didn't want that for me as when I first went in I sound the same.

I'm young lad and its hard because all my mates smoke and my family my gf gave up with me and is doing good i think she still sometimes smokes but not around me but I'm sure I can smell it but she says she's been with smokers and stuff its alright though as she dont smoke around me.

But thats my reason, i come on here from time to time to read and stuff coz there are times I could smoke but dont. I play football and stuff and am better and faster now. My mates sometimes take the piss but I don't mind their skint and stink :)

My reasons

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