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Never again!

Hi all, my 1st post. I'm on day 3 and never, ever want to go through the day 1 and day 2 again!

Determined to quit. On patches but decided not to wear one today. Want the nicotine out of my body, I don't want to keep taking the stuff.

Finding it hard, off out now for a walk and some food. Just thought I would say hello - this forum and some of the messages have been an inspiration.

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Well done and keep it going:)


congrats on day 3 :) you are getting through the toughest part! keep strong :)


Welcome Wig - you can do this, and this forum is a huge help.

I did a lot of walking at the beginning too, which helped with my massively increased food (I say food, I mean cake) intake.

Stay strong!



Welcome Wig

You are doing great; keep it up!:)


Thanks for the messages and encouragement.

Had a walk, had food, now sat at my desk and instead of working I'm thinking about cigs and how I 'need' one right now!

Which, of course, I won't. What the heck, I'm off out for another walk.


Happy walk Wig,

Wish I had your get up and go; I stupidly just sat and ate (and ate). In my defense, I really did think a lot about walking and am just getting to that point now!

Enjoy the fresh air


Well done;)


Well done! Im just reading some of the day 3 threads, as Im heading in to day 3 tomorrow :eek:, I dont think Im quite ready to quit the nicotine altogether yet, so I will have my inhalator in my hand most of the day... but if thats what it takes to beat it then so be it.. Well done on going cold turkey and good luck with it. This site is a big help to a lot of us so thanks everyone, and keep positive :o


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