No Smoking Day
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Day 1 tomorrow

Hi everyone, I'm new here;

I've been thinking about quitting for a long time now.

I wanted today to be my day one, but unfortunately, I failed on the very first day. So I just registered to these forums.

I'm sure saying it publicly does help, so I'll be kept accountable for my progress. I'll also do my best to encourage others if I can.

Tomorrow will be my day one, thanks for listening ! (my English may not be perfect, this is not my native language, so please excuse my French ;) )

See you for tomorrow's update.

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Best of luck with tomorrow and let us all know how you get on!:)


:DHi - going public has certainly helped me through the first few days! Good luck


Afternoon That's It and welcome.

At first, it will be one minute at a time, then If you want to do it, you will do it. If there is hope for a quitter like me, there is hope for everyone.

By the by, your english is perfect; probably far better than mine and it is my native tongue! If you are French, you would be in a fit of giggles to read my writing.:D



Good luck on your first day


Hope tomorrow goes well for you x


Thanks everyone for your kind words ! I'm glad to have joined these forums.

It's now been more than 24h and I didn't smoke ! Let's start day 2 now ;)

I find that the hardest moment is when I come back from work. I think this is the time when I must be most careful. See u tomorrow in the day 2 section.


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