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Day 10 Cold turkey

I had my last cigarette Sunday 13th Feb at 9.00pm but class my first day not smoking as Monday 14th.

I've smoked 20 a day for over 20 years and have tried several times in the past to quit. Tried patches, puffer, champex & Zyaban! Decided this time to go cold turkey and its the best decision i have made. Was very spaced out last week having nicotine withdrawal but feel fine this week. I've not really had craving like I did all the other times i have tried and I feel i have finally cracked it.

My sense of smell has greatly improved the last couple of days and I can really smell cigarette smoke on people! My partner is still smoking but he is going to try to cut down and smoke in the kitchen.


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Well done you are doing great. I know what you mean about the smell of smokers, I am shocked how bad it is. I actually got in a lift where a smoker had been and got out again and used the stairs. What a hypocrite!!!!

I have a new love for coffee though, smells soo much better

Keep it going, good luck:D



Hi Emma, congratulations on making the amazing decision to quit those nasty fags and I am right behind you in your decision to do it CT, I also chose that method and I am not saying that people shouldnt use NRT if they feel better for it but I personally decided that I would have to pack the niccotine eventually one way or another so may as well do it from the begining and here I am finally over the year mark and so glad, and I am sure that the way you are sounding this time next year you will also be up in the penthouse.

Read the link in my sig about water it helped me a lot.


well done you emma i quit cold turkey myself and it was hard in the 1/2 weeks but after 3weeks i found it alot easier.stand tall and be proud of yourself. a would say is tell your other half to make sure he stands in kitcken with back door open or window make sure you dont have to breath it in .and it is the best thing you half ever done and a hope you have cracked it best of luck.joe


Well done, my husband is only smoking outside now and it does help but he stinks! Keep going :)


Very well done Emma - you have made it past 10 days. I am in awe of all of you who have managed it CT, and also those of you who are still with smokers. Bloody brilliant jobs.

I have heard rumours about a penthouse suite - filled with chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, daquiries and the like. At our one year mark we are issued an invitation. Will meet you there shortly.:)

Cheers and have a great day



Well done Emma, keep on going! Fantastic stuff.

You have my admiration as I don't think I could do it if my husband hadn't given up as well.

Fab stuff. Go girl!


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