No Smoking Day
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day 18:)

Hi anyone who is online :) how are ya all doing ? great i hope ( smiles)

......Well yesterday was a bit of a crappy day for me , was a bit stressed, im suffering badly with Sciatica at the mo, so in a lot of pain , not much sleep , and yesterday my grandaughter was caught sagging off school, first time shes done it :( and then my daughter was cleaning grandaughters bedroom and found a lighter n matches hidden so it looks like she has took up smoking shes only 14, im so dissapointed in her have always nagged her never too take up smoking and tell her she will never have enuf money too buy nice clothes etc when she leaves school , ended up having a good old whinge felt like i wanted too smoke a full pkt of fags ... and ile tell ya what stopped me... someone in here has on their signature something about every time we have an emotion no use reachn for a ciggie cos it wont take the problem away or make things better only make me feel worse says it inbetter words than the way ive wrote it but ya get me drift dont you :) So thankyou love u may recognise who u are ... Your signature saved me xxx..................And DIVING where are u hun, u are on the same day as me i want too know if ya still kicking it :) xxxxx

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Hi Pat

So pleased to hear from you, worried you'd dropped off.

HOW BRILLIANT ARE WE! 18 whole days, well almost 19.

I don't have kids/grandkids, but I have the step version. I would KILL them if they started to smoke.

I regret absolutely nothing in my life except the f word. Fags.

Keep going my friend. We can do this. :) :)



There u are Diving i thought u had jumped ship too lol, made up too see ya still here :) Wooohooooo too us and well done , keep on kicking it mate !!

And well done too everyone else still here xx

I really could have fell off the wagon yesterday mate, but the crisis moved onand i still didnt take a puff ( big smiles ) xxxxxx


Hi Hun. Love the Witchy Woman album!

Just sent you a friend request. At least I think I did?! Not too sure. Let me know if you got it.



Got ya f/r , took me a wile too figure out how too accept :) but just like this no smoking lark we will work at it and succeed hehe,,,,sorted now hun,

And the witchy woman ...she represents me ( grins) tho i wish i was as sexy as her haha, my daughter says shes sure i am a witch cos im always right lol, and have been known too say stuff and it happens , i dunno, maybe she just likes callin me a witch without it sounding like shes being cheeky !! yes i bet thats it now the clouds of smoke has lifted.... hmmm cheeky mare!!! haha :) xxx


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