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Completed 6 weeks!

Completed 6 weeks now today! I think I may of incorrectly stated longer before because it feels like Ive been quit forever, but I calculated my quit date was 9th January, so 6 weeks today and will of gone two months on 7th March!

My run on friday night was really good, ran for around 35 mins without stopping at a good pace and felt like I had more in me, my energy levels were amazing! Its a real stress buster, I forgot how much fun it was, going out again tomorrow night and really looking forward to it!

Keep up the good work fellow quiters!

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Congratulations Dave

Great job - keep up the good work - soon you will be in the penthouse with a cold beer!! :D


yea dave:D im so happy for you. sounds like everything is going well since the quit!! i agree that energy level is so much starting to run longer and feel so much better!! i just completed 7 weeks..hope we can hang out in the penthouse together:D keep it up :cool:


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