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tiresome crave

its very annoying, but undeniable, i am under low intensity but constant nicodemon attack this morning. he is telling me 'well done for managing almost 6 months quit, but now it is time to get back to real life and start smoking, why do you want to put yourself through this?' etc etc etc, its all very silly but i'm starting to believe him... jeez i think i have the weakest quit out of anyone!!!! 5mol<er

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Of course you don't have a weak quit. You're still quit six months down the line, that's STROOOOONG!!!

Seems to me you're still in the process of retraining your mind to think of yourself as a non-smoker, rather than a smoker who's on a break. You've got through most of the tough part, but that remains, and while it does there's always the danger you'll stumble.

How would your life be improved if you picked up a cigarette now?

Maybe writing some stuff down would help?

I feel for you; I'm still having days like that too. But we can't let it beat us, because ... well, because everything.



I know what you mean 5mol<er, I think I've managed to get this far because I keep on telling myself to take it one day at a time (which is what I did in the begginning)... but now my addict brain sometimes says 'I'm bored, how much longer are we going to do this for???'

Like Helen said, just write down what you've gained (careful to not take things like not stinking for granted!) and what you would lose if you started again.

I have a craving on Saturday night, obviously alcohol fueled! I sort of felt like having one but then I imagined what it would taste like and having to do that complusivley 15-20 times a day... I decided I was definately better off without.

Don't forget what made you quit in the first place 5mol<er, you're not weak, we all have bad times!


Hey 5mol<er,

you don't have a weak quit, you have a 6 MONTH QUIT! 6 MONTHS!!! When you were in the early days of your quit, did you think you could make it this far? Probably not! So you are doing AMAZINGLY well!

In regards to the craving you are having at the moment, i know what you mean- just before i hit the 6 month mark i had the same for about 2 weeks, a real craving just came out of the blue! All of a sudden i was watching people smoking and was envious of them, felt that temptation to go and buy some ciggies...the only thing that stopped me was the knowledge that if i smoked now, after 6 months i would get the feeling sick, feeling dizzy etc and i HATE that!

Just deal with it the best way you know how (APART FROM BY SMOKING!!:D) and it will soon disappear!


thanks peeps, wise words as always. one day at a time!!!

i make this pledge, i will not smoke today (grits teeth)!! tomorrow is another day....


wow, i just remembered that last night i was in a smoky place and i remember thinking that i hoped it wouldn't set me off craving!! how could i have forgotten this!! right well i'm definitely going to ignore the nicodemon now, i don't mind my quit failing if it's my own weakness to blame, but i'm damned if i'm going to fail just because those around me can't quit!!! onwards to freedom!!!


Yup, it's what those foolish smokers want! For you to start smoking again so that they don't feel so silly for continuing to destroy their body and mind!

I was in suuuch a smokey place on Saturday... made me think about smoking and craving... but the next morning when I absolutely reeked of it (hair, clothes, skin etc) I smiled to myself for not having to smell like that everyday :)


yes, damn smokers! interesting that you say 'mind and body', most of the posts here focus on the effects of smoking on the lungs, but i remember feeling as a smoker that smoking really does destroy the mind too - anyway, i'm back in my smoky house now and i'm very pleased that i didn't smoke today, although i do still feel a little cravy i have managed to unwind a lot from this morning :) viva la revolution!


You SHOULD feel pleased :)

I think the effects on the mind only hit me when I was leading up to my quit date... I remember thinking 'how could I possibly start or finish a task without having a fag?!?!' - That's really crazy if you think about it.

Still cravey today?


yes a little cravy still, but really much less than yesterday, funny thing though is that everything smells faintly of cigarettes, it smells like the whole world is one big ashtray and i can't escape from it - probably still the nicodemon thinking he's still in with a chance :confused:

and yes, definitely pleased :)


It does seem that the cravings will never go away. I suppose we just have to hope that they get fewer and further apart.

The problem I find is that sometimes it feels like it was only yesterday that I quit instead of 6 months ago. I once gave up for 3 years and started again gradually after thinking I could have just one or two a day, so whatever you do, don't even have a single puff otherwise you're doomed! Doomed I say :D


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