No Smoking Day
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8th week

Can,t believe how quick the time has gone 51 days and not counting :)lol

re-alignment of the brain in motion i have changed alot i am a calmer person now ,i deal with things when they happen instead of lighting up a smoke and brushing it under the carpet .

i think smoking was starting to take away my confidence that has now changed since i quit i am much more confident

its great also when my 8 year old says dad i am so happy you quit smoking makes it that much more worthwhile

just some of my benefits of quitting keep up the good work guys


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well done mate, the new freedoms great aint it! Not having to think about it all time or when the next fag will be. I used to think smoking gave me confidence but thats compleley backwards, like you I actually feel I have loads more now Ive quit.

I also quit for my daughter, shes 7 months now so never want her to see me smoking, you must of felt so proud hearing that from your child. Well done, keep it up!


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