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So, smoked myself silly last night and here I am with a hangover and a giant craving. I remember this feeling and it is not good, just reminding myself how silly I was to start again. Feeling that I can't do this, don't really want to do this, etc etc. That nicomonster is sitting on my shoulder telling me not to bother, do it another day, I'll never make it, but I did it before and I can do this, I need to do this.

So I had my last fag ever last night.

Wish me luck guys, and the same to you.

Sorry for the ramble, but thanks for reading.

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Wishing you all the best with this quit Bev, you can do this :)

And yes, you need to.

The thought of a smoke when hungover was always repulsive to me, how else do you think I got to 16 months ;)

Seriously Bev, all the best

Pol x

You should know better Bev than to apologise for your so called "Ramble", after all that's the good thing about this site, not much chance of a hand coming out of your monitor and grabbing you. Is it a bad hangover Bev, do you feel all sickly and yucky? Prove that little B of a nicomonster wrong again and show it you're stronger. David

Hopefully last night was excellent....makes it all worthwhile...sort of ;)

You've spent so much time not smoking recently, Bev. It really isn't going to be so difficult this time....a week being grumpy and on edge. Just get past the first few days with the monkey on your shoulder and thereafter it'll be back to plain sailing in the main with the odd light craves.

Give some thought to drilling down to the real reasons you blip/smoke on occasion. You'll already know that I've blipped on more than one occasion and that was after a year plus. Obviously these things do cause concern but once I realised it wasn't because I wanted to smoke per se the doubt disappeared and now I'm a contended non smoker.

PMA to your week :)


Good girl Bev, as Cav says, have a good hard think about what you caved. If you are prepared, it's less likley to happen again.:)

Oh, and tell NiocoDemon to go take a F*** to himself :mad:

YOU are in charge, girl :cool:

This ones for you Bev.


Jackie x

((( Bev )))

Go for it.

H xxx

Good luck Bev - you can do this! :)

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