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Hi peeps :)

Sorry I haven't posted in ages. I just sort of drifted away after a few weeks. On friday it was 4 calender months since i quit. It was also the day of my dear mother in laws funeral. Yup, she was one of the reasons why I quit, she had smoked all her life and had alsorts of smoking related illness's. In the end it killed her. If I ever want to start again, I will think of the night of the 9th Feb, when I sat with her, and my other half and FIL and SIL and we all sat taking turns to hold her hands and try to comfort her as she begged us to "help her" "help her breathe" I never ever want my kids to see that with me. The most painful of deaths :( All as a direct result of smoking.

Anyway 4 months done. Onwards and upwards. I still have times where I really could have a ciggie, but I know I won't. I put 20 odd quid a week into a tin, i haven't counted it yet, i'll do that after a few more months.

How is everyone doing?

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Well done XX


Well done, Karen. :)

Your poor MIL. None of us want our end to be like that :(

Keep up the good work :)


so feel for you, that must have been a terrible end for her and a terrible thing for you all to endure.

Its the reason I stopped and like you sometimes wish I was having a fag, but know that in reality I never will again.


Hey Karen

Sorry about your MIL, it sounds you learnt a great lesson from her passing though.

There are some people that see and live through something like that and they just block it out so they can carry on smoking... well done to you for not being one of those people and carrying on with your quit. 4 months is fantastic :)


Well done karen on four months. :)

Takes something like that to make the damage smoking does a reality. We just can't see the damage untill we are too late. I often wonder if we could 'see' what we had been doing would we have done it at all?

Keep going and use that to strengthen yourself, I bet she would want you to!!



Karen, what a moving post. I'm so sorry about your MIL - that must have been so hard for all of you. As Looper says, I'm sure she'll be glad to be an inspiration for you to stay smoke free. And to be honest, her story will help to keep many of us on track.

Well done on staying quit at such a stressful time. Keep strong.



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