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felt real ill yesterday patch????????????

it was real bizarre yesterday i put a patch on with in about 30 mins i felt unbeleivably ill i felt so so sick had stomach cramps and my back hurt to.

i took the patch off and felt a little better but was still ill all day it got gradually better as day went on

i dont know if it was the patch or not but i have never felt like that before wen i have had bugs etc

i am real worried about putting a patch on again incase it was that that made me ill and this is my second day without one

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Could have been a coincidence :confused:

I'm not really sure what to say.

What does it say on the information that came with the patches re. side effects? Are these one of them?

Best advice I could give would either be to talk to your pharmacist or ring NHS direct and have a chat with someone there. Maybe get something else in the meantime, like the inhalator or gum??


could be a good time to stop using them, i mean you don't have to take the whole course, i just used them for a week and then went CT and several others on here have done the same, anyway, best of luck whatever you decide,


have bought gum and decided to use gum should i need to i am in a good place mentally at the moment and have been for over a week now and feel i can do this.

I dont want to put another patch on just incase it was that as i felt so awful yesterday, the last week or so my arms or where ever i stick the patch has become very itchy and irritable

also quitting is all about brain chemicals and is depression all about chemicals and anti depressent medication is all about brain chemicals maybe the combination of all three of these have had some wierd effect on me


I had a very similar reaction a few years ago to a patch. Felt like the worst flu I have ever had. Had to come downstairs on my bum as I felt I couldn't stand. I didn't connect it with the patch and went to bed. Woke up about 3 hours later and felt a bit better, and then I found the patch had fallen off!

Tried patches again this time and was fine, but only used them for a week and then did what you're doing, went with the gum. Just in case!

Best of luck


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