No Smoking Day
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The big #2 here. Well actually it was here yesterday evening but that's just a technicality. I think there's a lot to be said for stopping late evening as opposed to a new day. Although slightly more difficult to stop if you've smoked on the day, you're immediately in to an evening/night so time seems to fly.

'Proper' test day tomorrow as I don't smoke at weekends anyway. Up preparing roasties...hhhhmmmmmmmmm.

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Good to see it mate! Indulge yourself in a bit of non smoking its good for you! Fi


Happy Roast Sunday Stav, yum to roasties :cool:

All the best with getting through the test of Day 3

Pol :)


Wotcha Pol

Roasties were fantastic but unfortunately the beers have made me want to sleep. Todays plan was to tidy the far I made it to the study...but have been pretty comfy in front of the 'puter.

Thankies for the note Fiona :o) Looking forward to the big day which officially starts in 62 minutes time!


Very best wishes for your new quit. I am bemused, how on earth do you manage not to smoke at the weekends and I think you wrote somewhere you don't smoke in the evening either?



That's right Jackie, I only ever smoke at work, never at home or outside of work hours. Just got in to the habit when we bought our newborn home last December and seems to have stuck. That then begs the question why smoke at work really...something I've not been able answer. I'm still thinking tomorrow will be quite a struggle ... we'll see how it goes eh!


Hope today is going well for you, I am sure it will be :)


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