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Day two and still positive

Hi all, well I reached day 2 at 3-45 today, I have kept my mind occupied today with cooking and my husband and I have been on a long walk with the dog and regardless of the weather we all enjoyed it. So all in all it as not been a bad day.

I do really want to make a success of this quit for my family but most of all for myself.

I want to stop this stop and start scenario, fed up with not being strong enough to finish what I started I have been on this forum on and off for the past four years, need to get some guts and finish what I started. Joan xxxx

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Joan, you can do this. I know you know already, but... you just have to get yourself into the right frame of mind, so that when things get hard you don't secretly believe that a cigarette will make them better. You're going to want to smoke, for sure, at some time (probably a lot of times :rolleyes:). But this time round just... don't! Get past the rough patch and you won't want to smoke any more, and how great will it feel to be free?

I really think this will be the final, forever quit. I believe in you!

Helen xxx


Sending lots of positive "this is definitely your last quit" vibes your way Joan:)


Go for it Joan, we are all behind you x


if it s hard in the mind its hard in real life,make it easy on your self its not a case of it being hard any more its much easer than the day you went backwards after you last quit,don't beleave the hype its not so tough if you want it you got it ,p.s DON'T PUT A FAG IN YOUR MOUTH ! <------ top tip , hugs and best wishes Lem. x


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