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new to forum...hello :)

Hey Guys im new to this forum and just wanted to say hello to you all :)

I had been smoking for 17yrs and have tried to give up a few times over the past few years but failed at the 1st week!! I decided to try again but this time i felt different about giving up, ive got more determination and ive not had a ciggarette this year!! So today brings me up to week 7 of non smoking, im so proud of myself as ive never ever got this far before :) Im useing nicorette invisi patches and i started on the second step, i really do think these are helping me a great deal, when i first starting using them i would put one on the moment my eyes opened haha, but now over the past 2weeks i can go between 3-4 hours of getting up before i put one on!!

Anyway there is a rough guide to my story of giving up smoking!!

Hope to chat to some of you soon :)

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hi joanna and welcome 7 weeks and you should be very proud well done girl ;) stay strong and dont give in to the demons life is so much better without the disgusting smell of smoke.stand tall look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself i am a winner :)


Hello and welcome Joanna,

Your quitting history is much like all of ours! But this time it'll be different. Oh, yes it will! :D Congratulations on making it this far.

This forum helps like you wouldn't believe. Stick around!



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