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ma life has changed forever


hi all i just want to say that today i am 166 days smoke free and £952 better off and do you no what i feel so proud and happy that i no longer have demons controlling ma life any more. i hope anyone thats thinking of quiting and reading this will have the power and determination to say to themself that you can do it. trust me i did it am not going to say it was easy but its so rewarding. my kids and my other half no longer have to put up with my smelly disgusting habbit that i used to have am so much more a happy and fitter person.I have so much more time to play and more money. also see if you have quit and reading this well stand tall and today have a look in the mirror and say to yourself you are a LEGEND.i also would like to thank alot of people on this site for being so helpfull and just being kind and thoughfull so tonight i will raise my glass and say cheers and thank you and hope you all enjoy your life smoke free. all the best

joe ;)

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Joe, that's such a lovely post. Congratulations! It's an inspiration to everyone behind you on the road.

H x

well done love :)

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