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Doing Ok

Hi all, well I quit yesterday at 3-45 pm, I went to smoking cessation group last night and got patches etc blow in the tube it was 12 not sure if this was good or bad?.

Anyway been fine today and this evening no really bad craves. I am so fed up of losing my quit, I feel positive and determind and with the help of this forum I will do this.

I have a wonderful husband and family all of which have never smoked ,and as much as I love them they don't really no how it feels to quit. This is why the forum is so important to me. Joan xx

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Grand to see you back having a go again Joan. if the smoking nurse and group are as good as the one I went to you'll be ok. 12 isn't at all bad, next time you go it will be down to 1/2, don't think many people get 0. I am sure you will get support from your family Joan, just sit them in front of some of these posts, let them see how hard it is for some people. Onwards and upwards. David. xx


I'm so glad you're back again so quickly. Well done for getting back on the horse. I know you can do it this time. Wanting it so badly is a huge part of the battle.

Good luck, hang tough!

Hel x


Hey Joan,

I like your siganture, it says it all really :)

This forum made is so much easier for me, I am sure it will work for you too :)


hi joan it took me 3/4 times to finally stop so good luck. one day at a time and big deep breaths when cravings come. they will only be their for min or two and you no what tomorrow will not be as bad as today stay strong fight the demons and you will do it ;)


Well done, Joan! Yes, you CAN do it :D


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