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Day 6 and ouch!

Another awful night with my dd and her chicken pox has left me with a thumping headache and an aching body.

Anyway I thought about smoking now and then yesterday but was never really tempted to have one. I suppose I was in the sort of situation (kids home il and being demanding) when I would usually smoke quite a few.

My main problem today is my mouth, it is so sore. I have an ulcer and it hurts. Also I have a partial top denture (I have a huge dental phobia which I finally got some treatment for, I'm only 31) and I have found it seems to be rubbing the roof of mouth when it never has before. Will use some corsodyl this morning and see if that helps.

But it is day 6 now and further than I got last time :D:D:D

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yes i think the ulcers are a fairly common side effect of quitting, but don't worry, they will pass soon. as for the rubbing, it was probably happening while you were a smoker, but the nicotine allowed you to forget it, which isn't a good thing! i had countless things like that to sort out in the first few months after quitting, and am now happy to report that all the things that could be sorted now are! best wishes to you,


Thanks, nice to know these things are normal!


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