No Smoking Day
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Day 4 :))))

A good day, haven't thought much about smoking but I have eaten far too much!

Got my daughter home with chicken pox so have some company and I am just waiting for a phonecall to hear how my dad is (he had a quadrupal heart bypass yesterday).

Not even been tempted, my Mum on the other hand who is a day ahead of me could kill for one.

I don't seem to miss anything now which is a brilliant feeling! :D

If only the dreams would stop, they are very strange, last night someone dumped a baby on me for a week :eek:

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OMG - good for you - sick child and parent and you still fell great about not smoking - seems like you've got it licked!!

Remember to remember this feeling if you do hit some harder times ahead. But for now - enjoy your triumph, and be proud of yourself:D



Struggled a little bit in the night as my daughter was was so itchy and crying, she just couldn't sleep. She eventually gave in at 2.30am by which time I was very tired and grumpy! Then an uncomfortable night on the sofa with her.

Latest from my dad is that he is fine, surgery went well and they struggled to wake him up but everything seems good.

Today should go fairly quickly, I am planning on going back to sleep once I have taken the boys to school!

How are you both getting on now?


I was very tearful during my last attempt, I really felt depressed and awful but just over a week later on my second attempt I feel the total opposite.

Don't give up trying, you will get there!:)


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