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107 days

I went on this forum a few days after i stopped smoking. It helped me reading the tips and advice of other people, and the links in their signatures.

I just want to say I've made it to 107 days, i wasn't counting day by day but known it had been a while, i had a little tracker as a widget on my mac telling me how long it had been etc and just saw it now.

To all the people that look forward to see what its like for people that have stopped for 3 months and see this, don't go back to smoking, no matter how hard it is. It took my 12 years to stop, and i haven't had one, nor had the desire to have one recently since i stopped 107 days ago. Don't think of it as quitting, its not, your just stopping poisoning yourself.

The first two weeks was the worst for sure, but after you break the habit and understand whats going on then you should be fine.

Stopping was THE BEST THING i could do. I feel great and am happy i know im not going back to that evil addictive drug.

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say that.

Good luck everyone, if i can stop, anyone can.

EDIT: Just realised this should be in the 4/5 month category. oh well.

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yes chris you are so right!! congrats on your freedom from this horrible addiction!! it is toughest in the way beggining....after that craves can be fought off much easier. here is to a great future without the nicodemon slowing us down!!:D:D


yeah im not gonna lie, it was hard at the start, but now i dont even think about it, just got on with my life normally.

Thanks, and good luck to you, you are doing good as well if you've gone 6 weeks.


yup this weekend will be 7 weeks:D the only time i crave bad (mentally that is) is when i get REALLY stressed out which is usually do to a family member:eek: or when drinking. i only had two beers this past weekend and i wanted one so bad so i stopped drinking and it passed..guess i need a bit more time under my belt to go out drinking and not smoke..other than that its really not so bad on an everyday basis...i see people smoking at work all the time and in the 1st week of my quit i thought "oh they are so lucky that they can smoke" and now 6 and a half weeks down the line i think "oh i am so lucky that i quit" and i feel very sorry for them and hope that one day they will break away!! WE ARE ALL CAPABLE...THE QUESTION IS...HOW BAD DO WE WANT IT?


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