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Day 15 ;)

Hi All,

Haven't posted in a fews days. Quit's going fairly well - I do think about cigarettes a lot but more in a sort of passing way rather than wanting them. And the jealousy of smokers has kicked in...

I went out on Sat night for a proper night out with friends and I missed smoking but I went out with one of my smoker friends when he had one (I missed the 5 minute break of going outside!) and I was looking at his cig thinking 'isn't it crazy how much these weird sticks that you light and inhale from dictate our lives'...sounds a bit crazy and was after a few vodka redbulls but I didn't feel tempted to smoke one and found it funny when this thought entered my head.

Was visiting another office today with boss and colleague both who smoked. I stood outside with them, bored...but the stale smoke on them both made me feel nauseous and gave me a headache!

I hope I'm over the worst of it now, and hopefully I wont even care eventually.

I must admit though going out and drinking isn't as pleasurable without smoking (my 4 months quit boyfriend agrees) but I guess it's more of a question of whether I'm willing to enjoy it less to enjoy life in general more...and I definitely am!

Ohh and got a nice unexpected tax rebate so I'll be booking my Australia flight in a few weeks which is keeping me motivated! :)


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Excellent Coralie, well done for not being lead into temptation and for your quit so far.

It was at the point when, like you, i found the smell of other smokers actually nauseating that i knew i was physically over the ciggies........ mental battle continues though!.

Down the line you'll find going out drinking even more pleasurable as you don't need to pop out, you won't stink when you come in, you can talk to someone close up without the stench of your breath making them nauseas and your teeth will be brighter when you smile.

Nice bonus on the Australia trip by the way :-)



Thanks, yeah I know the mental battle continues - I still want to have a cigarette but I don't want to smoke tobacco...if you know what I mean!

I am hoping I won't think about smoking when I'm drinking in the future. I wish everyone around me would quit too....most of my friends don't really smoke anymore - one is coming up to 2 yrs quit which is encouraging.

Thanks for the support.


Hi Coralie,

Lovely to see you still on here :)

When I would have a bit too many and felt like I could have one I would think about this video (the palmolive bottle demonstration):

My God that put me back on the right track!

Eitherway, massive well done to you, 15 days is really really good:)


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