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Day 11 and counting

Hi All

I'm new to the forum but not new to giving up. It's day 11 and I'm feeling really proud of myself.

I've tried, and tried and failed and failed before. The difference this time? My mindset is more positive and I'm focussing on the good stuff not the bad. if I have a craving I stuff a piece of gum (NRT) in my mouth and start reading anything and everything I can find on the net, including this forum.

It helps so much to find I'm not the only one not sleeping, feeling tired and tiny bit depressed.

Thanks everyone.

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welcome to the forum, you will find lots of support and a few tears and laughs here!!

well done so far




Hiya , im also on day eleven , soon be twelve mate its near ten o clock lol, maybe we could give each other a little support hey, and i know what ya mean about the tiredness, grrrrr im on the 24 hr patches myself, and i havent had one decent nights sleep in the eleven days i been on them, :( every morning im awake at 4 o clock just lying there then till its time too get up around 6.30 its really doin my head in :( sooo i have just took the patch off wanna see if i sleep a lil better tonight without it, i want too go cold turkey now , but just gonna see first if i can cope alone , good luck love keep in touch hey :) .



Hi pat great idea, helping each other is! Day 13 nearly over now and then it's 2 whole weeks!

I tried patches for the first week and had exactly the same problem with sleeping. Took the wretched things off after a week on the principal that heavy a smoker as I was I didn't actually smoke at night! I am now (occasionally) using gum. Dont have the will power to go CT! But guess that's he best way if you can.

Sleeping better now, but until today I was still knackered. Better today although still waiting for that energy rush I've read about from other people - hurry up and bl***y well get here!

How're you doing today? Slept at all? Stick with I. How clever are we?!


I never got that energy rush. I'm quite convinced it never comes for those of us who are reincarnated tree sloths.

Although... I suppose in general I do have more energy now. But not the 'yippee I'm going to clean my house until it sparkles' energy I was hoping for. Rats. :rolleyes:

Welcome to the madhouse. Congratulations on reaching day 13, a great achievement. Keep on keeping on!



good morning

Morning guys,

well cant say my sleeping has gone any better but the thing is , i dont wake like a growling lion, its just ,ok get up and do what has too be done, i acctually feel more chilled than i did wile smoking ! wot the hell is that about lol, and my sis commented on that too , thats a weird one too me, cos i wudda thought i would be like ... rawwwwwrrrrrrrrr im ready too kill sorta behaviour by now lmao. Oh well all good, haha, and noooooo i havent had the ermmm aghhh, oh i think ile scrub the house till me fingers bleed episode yet either lol, but ... my daughter asked me too slow down the other day when we were out walking and i was like ohh, i didnt notice i was walking so fast ... yesssssss , i am still getting the ohhh God i wanna smoke feelings but i know im stronger each day and i wont . have a good w.end everyone and stay smoke free we are all doing fine :) xxx

Day 14 for us Diving yayyy :)


Yes yes yes 14 days - well almost!

Know what you mean about being chilled, me too. I thought I'd be hideous, but not yet!

Keep going Pat, we'll get there!



Still doin ok, mad dreams are still occuring though , have had a few moments when i think God im gaspin for a smoke :( but still feeling strong, i was on facebook yesterday talkin too a male friend he was asking me how ya doin off the smokes etc, wished me well and then said he wished he could do it , ( never thought i would myself ) Then .. a female friend of hes popps on and said too me , remember Patsy.. when ya give up the demon ciggys, ya knickers get bigger !!! LMAO! WTF!! .... i said back too her , ahh but not only am i not smoking im also on a diet , so acctually me knickers are gettin baggier .. not avin too go into bigger bellywarmers !! haha, she retorted back ohhhh well u are an inspiration too us all .. huhhh! it felt like she was havin a dig at me , and also made me feel i shudda said ohhh well ile go back on the ciggys coz i dont wanna get fat now do i , i felt a bit like i dunno .. a balloon goin down lol, or am i just going on a Paro , oh well day 15 today :)

Diving if you are reading this what is your name seems a bit thingy too me callin ya Diving all the time haha.

Have a good W.End all , keep it up we all doin great :) xxxx


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