46 days! Still here

Hey Everyone,

Still here, just been so busy.

Updating that I no longer have craves every day, there are days go by without thinking about smoking which is great!

Still eating mountains and mountains of food and it is getting me down a bit but hey, I will loose it in time.

Hope everyone else is doing good too.

Thanks again everyone!

Jill xxx

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  • I'm still here with you Jill but i'm still getting bad craves about 6 times a day. I am handling them better but wish i didn't have any cravings at all :(

  • 46 days here with you jill:D congats and so happy that it is getting easier. i get some craves but they pass more easily then before!! hang in there Camper!!

  • I just calculated that this is my 37th day, you guys are doing great, hang in there!

  • Well done guys,

    We are all doing so well! I am actually surprised at the amount of people still with us!


  • Still here, day 56, and doing OK. Can't say I go whole days without craves yet - still have one or two a day, but they're not too bad, I can cope. There are so many noticeable benefits now, I wouldn't want to give those up!

    Great to hear you're doing so well. Yay us!


  • Well done Jill, thats really great... and I'm really happy for you that you don't think about smoking some times... that's really nice :)

    Stay vigilant just in case tho, cravings can be sneaky...

  • Day 43 and still here.

    Cravings are gradually getting better. Yesterday I got through to the afternoon before I had one.

    Glad everyone is doing so well!!!

  • Yesterday I got through to the afternoon before I had one.

    I assume you mean a craving? lol

  • Day 40 for me and going strong.

    Can't say I 'crave the smokes' now more of 'I could do with one' like a fleeting thought. Some days I think about them more than others but not crave.

    Around the month 3 mark will be my tester as that is where I've crumbled before.

    So if I don't post on here around the month 3-4 mark then come and get me OK, with that clip board and use the sharp edge if you have to :D

    Well done all, great to see so many January quitters still around and Feb quitters joining the forum.


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