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No Smoking Day
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feeling like i am in flatland today, so i thought a post was in order to try and brush away the cobwebs.

flatland as in everything feels a bit flat, which of course is a big step up from my usual monday feeling when heading back to work :). i think it is because i was reading a novel yesterday in which there was at least one smoking reference on every page!

hey ho :rolleyes: , anyone else in flatland today?

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Think i was in flatland for about 3 days last week :(............. amazingly coming to work has actually lifted me up......now there's a first!!! :eek:


I get days like that - but then I used to get them when I smoked too!

As if everything is muted.

Try and do something a bit out of the ordinary, that usually works for me.

I buy a trashy mag and then sit in Costa (load of money) Coffee and have a great big latte or frappuccino or something. I almost never do that because the coffee is decadence when I can make my own at home for next to nothing and I don't usually subscribe to celeb-land at all. I know it sounds silly but it helps. Oh...and buy a nail varnish.

Go on do it, you know you want to :D That is my prescription.

And....you can't be flat today!! You are alive and free and healthy and fantastic!!! You aren't a slave, you aren't killing yourself slowly, celebrate!!


Flatland - definately sounds like a place I've visited!

I dunno what I generally do to get me out of it... sport or something probably.

Ooooor, I embrace the flatness... have a hot shower and watch Agatha Christie Poirot films back to back (I have most on dvd :P)) Usually after all of this the feeling of 'flat' becomes relaxed :)

I'll tell you when I REALLY mind being a bit 'meh' - that's when ppl are exepcting me to be all bubbly and happy- that really gets on my nerves.


ok, thanks for the advice all, i will try it, tomorrow i will put nail varnish on while taking a hot bath at work and report back to you on the effects :)

actually the afternoon and evening at work have been very busy and i think that has lifted me out of flatland, so pete you are not the only one :) time to soak with a trashy novel....


oh yeah been to flatland loads in the last 45 days i have a free day pass now as i have visited so often lately


sounds like ive just found the right word to describe the way im feeling


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