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what can i say?


well i just bought some cigs, yes i know, what a pratt! i had 1 and didnt even enjoy it!

im so annoyed with myself, i was on day 16 and now have 2 go back 2 day 1!

i've been crying all day and just got myself really down and for some reason thought i'd feel better but now i feel worse which i knew i would anyway so what was the point? spent money on something i ended up not enjoying and ripping the rest up and jumping on them (which made me feel better at least) x

only good point about it is i know i wont be making the same mistake again, im just gonna think of it as proving a point to myself that i didnt want it anyway and no matter how bad i feel a cigarette is gonna make it worse not better!

if u r thinking of giving in, learn from my mistake please and dont do it x

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Dont fret


I really know how you are feeling. I did what you did so often and the whole process is so horrible. the temptation, the internal struggle, the desperate trip to the shops, the tearing the plastic off the packet, the lighting up, the taste that isn't as good as you remember, the self-hatred, the panic, the anger. It's not a fun time. But I, unlike you, always smoked the rest of the fags justifying it with "Well, I've blown it now anyway, I'll just stop again on Monday."

So you are actually doing pretty well and still have the "I have quit" mentality. I admire your strength. just get back on the horse and leave this blip behind you. You are definitely strong enough to do it. Just a personal opinion, but I am currently on the lozenges (i'm not sure how you quit) and find that they have sustained my quit as in moments of severe weakness, having one got rid of the craving and saved me. Now, 4 and a half months down the line, my problem is getting off the damn things. But the way I see it, I have not smoked and I know I would have being too weak to CT it. So, all in all, a positive result, the lozenges being the side effect. Even taking one in moments of crisis may help and I dont think you would get addicted to them like I seem to be. Anyway, don't beat yourself up, just pick yourself up and keep on going. Just laugh about it and you will feel better. It is quite funny the way we freak out when it all goes belly up (I know I did). It is not the end of the world, just part of the bumpy road to beng a non -smoker. What a drag it can be!

Take care, all the best


Good for you IQ83 - for getting right back on your quit i mean obv.;)

It happens, it HAS happened and you can beat yourself up get down about it which could lead down a bad road or like you seem to be doing, learn from it, remember how much you hated it and move on.

Dont forget to be proud of yourself for getting rid of the rest of the pack AND for making it to week 3 in the first place :)

I dont see why you should go back to day one - its a small blip not a total relapse - just put it behind and soldier on :)

I dont see why you should go back to day one - its a small blip not a total relapse - just put it behind and soldier on :)

Totally agree..............

Liken it to having a big fat cream cake when you're on a diet. You haven't stopped dietting, you just had a blip.

Please don't beat yourself up over it....just don't do it again!!! I vote blip and carry on:)

Def blip, keep counting from where you are :)

I dont see why you should go back to day one - its a small blip not a total relapse - just put it behind and soldier on :)

I totally agree as well, i had a blip on day 7 and i did not go back to day one. Well done for binning them and carry on the good work. :)

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